Cooking School

On the surface, it’s cooking. Chopping, mixing, preparing incredible dishes in a state-of- the-art kitchen with all the goodies and gadgets. But with our Chef leading the way, you’ll leave with more than a new way to sauté. Our culinary team invites you to become a part of the story–gathering guests around for an interactive and entertaining experience where good food is the centerpiece but people are the common thread.

You’ll laugh, let your guard down, dare to try things you never have before and discover a balance you never knew existed. Cuisine paired with the connection of people–friends or family you share this class with–create a moment where you are suddenly exploring life in a new way. You’ll come curious and leave full, in many delicious ways.

Chef Profile

Chef Joshua Towey

When you come from a large family in Birmingham and you love to cook, your kitchen becomes your first culinary school. That was the story for Chef Joshua, until he began his studies in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Auburn University. What he learned there aside from the business of food and beverage is that his passion lies in the kitchen. So he moved to New York City and attended The French Culinary Institute (now International Culinary Center) and began apprenticing at several highly rated restaurants.

Some of his experience includes cooking with Hot and Hot Fish Club, Bottega Restaurant, a Sous Chef position at Renaissance Ross Bridge Hotel and Resort and back to Hot and Hot Fish Club where he was promoted to Chef de Cuisine. He now brings his experience, passion and fire into our Habitat Cooking School, helping guests hone their skills and explore their own passion, dish by delicious dish.