Sauce Made Simple

Sauce Made Simple

Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook

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Sometimes, the only thing separating your dish from good to outstanding is the perfect sauce. We’ll teach you the basic French sauce making techniques that will add a tasty touch to any dish. We may even add a surprise sauce to the class menu if time permits. When we’re finished, we’ll enjoy all our hard work in a four-course meal. Cocktails, wine and beer will be available for purchase at the bar once classwork is concluded.

Class price includes service charges.

Sample Menu:

  • Pumpkin Seed Pesto: Grilled Pepper, Onion, Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato
  • Orecchiette Carbonara: Shells with Cream, Prosciutto, Cheese and Egg Yolk
  • Spaghetti Puttanesca: Fresh Pasta with Tomato, Olive, Caper, Garlic and Herbs
  • Chocolate-Strawberry No-bake Cheesecake: Strawberry Mascarpone, Chocolate Cream and Graham Crust
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